Klimkin opposed the cessation of passenger traffic from Russia

Климкин выступил против прекращения пассажирских перевозок с РФ

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that is not fully shared the position of the Ministry of infrastructure on termination of passenger traffic with the Russian Federation. He said this to journalists on Wednesday, August 22, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

“Of course, we need to talk about how to limit any influence of the aggressor. But I want us to be consistent. If we say that such messages should not be how we treat those hundreds of thousands and millions of Ukrainians who go to Russia, do we have to declare them traitors? We need to understand the reality. Yes, we are at war with Russia, but even during the war, millions of Ukrainians are in Russia, and not all there because they like it, but for personal reasons – family, income. We need to look at this problem as a whole and not by political slogans”, he said.

To a journalist’s question, does this mean that he opposes this initiative, the Minister said:

“I am ready to discuss this issue, but it needs to be addressed in the context of the fight against Russia as the aggressor, and knowing that the people should not suffer. We need to understand how to control who and how it goes, but if we do not allow visiting relatives, it is a question of the human. I treat it very cautiously”.

Earlier Volodymyr Omelian announced that the Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine intends to stop passenger rail transportation to/from Russia, the abolition of freight transport is not considered.

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