Koh-Lanta, Fiji : Menstruation and contraception, how do the girls manage

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“Koh-Lanta Fiji” from the 1st September 2017, on TF1.

The girls of adventure sometimes have a hard life.

This is not easy every day to be a girl when we participate in Koh-Lanta. The former participants can testify to this because in between the hairs that grow back, the hair that tangles and menstruation, they have to cheat to stay a minimum of presentable.

Magalie, Koh-Lanta Fiji, for example, has revealed to Tv Entertainment how she was when the English disembarked : “The day after my arrival at the camp, I had my rules, but this was not expected. I don’t know if stress had played. It is a disinfectant for wounds in a small infirmary. I watched to me to disinfect the hands and I was changing. I was afraid of catching a urinary tract infection. Me with cleaner hands well, I had no problem.”

On the other hand, the young woman has made it more difficult to hide sanitary towels, which are given by the production. She finished by burying them in the sand on the beach so that nobody falls over, and most of all, for not to attract animals.

Regarding contraception, all are allowed to take their pill pack with them. Tiffany, for its part, has not been needed since it has opted for a contraceptive implant in the arm.

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