Kolpino found in pond the body of a teenager who disappeared on the eve of

On 5 December by the pond on the ascension highway police the body was discovered missing on the eve of a teenager.


The young man was 17, he was studying in the 11th class of the gymnasium in Kolpino. After school on Monday, December 4, the guy never came home, which caused excitement of the mother.

About the disappearance of her son 44-year-old resident of the town said on 5 December at the beginning of the third night. After 18 hours after a joint search of police and concerned volunteers in the guy’s body was found 300 meters from the house in a pond near ascension road.

Traces of violent death on the body was found. It is assumed that the boy drowned themselves. At the moment law enforcement authorities are investigation to clarify the circumstances of the incident.