Kravchuk: If someone wants to defeat the Russians in the Donbas as won the Mustache in Moscow – let him try, I will applaud

Кравчук: Если кто-то хочет победить россиян на Донбассе так, как победил Усик в Москве, - пусть попробует, я буду аплодировать

The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk in the project “a Great interview with a great politician” on TV channel “112 Ukraine” commented on the victory of the Ukrainian boxer Alexander Usik in Moscow. According to Kravchuk, the negative reaction that the Mustache went to Moscow is “a disservice to the Ukrainian society”.

“Mustache went to fight for the Russian Cup, and the Cup for outstanding boxer of the world. The fact that it was in Moscow – does not mean anything. He won it in a fair fight. And handed him the Cup not the representatives of Russia. Our people are so primitive that they can’t understand the two things are completely unrelated. The venue of the fight was decided in Moscow, but the result is known. I said then that if someone wants to defeat the Russians in the Donbass as Russian defeated the Mustache in Moscow – let him try. I’ll applaud. While the words, statements, promises loud. Idiots, I may say, in Ukraine is very much, unfortunately. We own and often uncoordinated, ill-conceived, primitive decisions that affect singers, our athletes do a disservice to the Ukrainian society”, – he said.

Recall that on August 1, WBO appropriated the absolute world champion Ukrainian Alexander Usik is the status of super champion in the heavyweight division.

July 21, Oleksandr Usyk unanimous decision of judges has won the final battle WBSS have Murata Gassieva.

The Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman said that he will propose to President Poroshenko to give the Mustache the title of Hero of Ukraine.

The full interview with Leonid Kravchuk, see at 21:30 on TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

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