Labeaume hopes to see Le Pen “severely beaten”

(Quebec) Regis Labeaume, an amateur of French politics, did not mock his words in wishing the defeat of the head of the National Front in the French election on May 7.

“I hope that the French will do everything to beat Ms Le Pen as hard as possible. As severely as possible. This woman must have the fewest votes possible. It’s pretty simple for me, “said the Mayor of Quebec on Monday, the day after the first round of the presidential election, the representative of the extreme right and the centrist Emmanuel Macron emerged victorious.

“But by the way, even if I tell you, it will not change much,” added Labeaume, noting that he has no influence.

Nevertheless, that Labeaume was anchored in French politics by supporting his friend and mayor of Bordeaux Alain Juppé in the race to lead the right wing The Republicans last autumn. The mayor of Quebec City had even campaigned to incite the French nationals of Quebec party members to vote for Mr. Juppé. The latter had finally bowed to François Fillon who did not qualify for Sunday’s second round of presidential, arriving third behind Macron and Le Pen with 19.9% ​​of the votes.

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