Labour migration – a critical threat to the country, – the President of the Harvard club of Ukraine

Labor migration is close to catastrophic. This was stated by Executive Director of the International Bleyzer Foundation, President at Harvard club of Ukraine, economist Oleg Ustenko is in the air “24 channel”.

According to Ustenko, the Ukrainian economy depends on labor and the more labor is leaving the country, the worse it reflects on the state of the economy.

“Ukraine’s economy depends very heavily on labour and migration flows – it’s not just people and media that they can do the media work, they’re leaving the country. And as a result, first, reduced economic growth, then there is a fundamental grip of your economy,” – said Ustenko.

According to Ustenko, this situation is a real catastrophic threat to Ukraine.

“I believe that the situation is close to catastrophic… And this is a catastrophic threat for a country like Ukraine, because we are surrounded by, when all the neighbors around us are better than we are. We are the country that has a GDP per capita, the result of this year will be at the level of, say, 2.5 thousand dollars. While neighbouring Belarus – is 2.5 times higher,” – said the economist.

The economist said that Russia’s GDP is three times higher per capita than in Ukraine. In Poland is almost five times higher than ours.

“And the changed economic situation. 20 years ago such a thing as mobility of labor, was characteristic only, say, the economy of the United States of America. All the others did not have such high mobility. Now the mobility of labour is high. Europeans are very actively move from their territories to other areas. For example, if you look, according to the registry office in Poland where 2 million poles are outside of their country,” – said Ustenko.

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