Lac-Megantic: a tragedy that hides hundreds of other dramas

Ticket / We can only remember July 6, 2013, even today, four years later. It was big! Everything is still fresh in our memory, which will be imbued with this tragedy forever, especially for us who lived it live at 1:15, in the tragic and warm night from Friday to Saturday, July 6 2013.

These horrific events still profoundly mark the imagination of the Méganticois, so that a July 6 will never be able to arrive again without certain commemorations highlighting the fact that many feelings still fill the hearts of the wounded citizens. It will doubtless require a whole new generation for the symptoms of the shock suffered to disappear, so that they finally become scars, indelible despite everything.

On July 6, 2017, the City of Lac-Mégantic wished to soberly emphasize this fourth anniversary with symbolic and subdued moments, simply to not forget what happened, especially the loss of 47 people who had not asked for anything. ..

But the consequences of July 6, 2013 are there and will remain for a long time.

We can not ignore the painful funerals and funerals of most of these 47 victims in Lac-Mégantic and surrounding parishes. Neither the difficulties that many residents subsequently experienced in finding their home in The red zone as in the yellow zone, after the evacuation, and the unfair expropriation that followed in certain areas of the city. Neither the feeling of abandonment felt by the citizens in the face of the decisions of a municipal council which has made a clean slate of the downed city center for nebulous reasons and without recognized foundation. Besides the harassment suffered by several citizens and traders on the basis of arbitrary principles and criteria, inspired in particular by imposed sustainable development,

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During the years following the tragedy, businesses closed, industries broke the wing, businesses were abandoned at the same time as dreams were broken. This unnamable catastrophe is the underlying cause of many other equally important tragedies over the last four years: couples of lovers have disintegrated, elderly people have died before their time, young people have disappeared, conjuring their own By suicide, men and women divested themselves of their dogs, cats or parakeets, ties were split, all kinds of ties, young people left school, model employees job,

The life of the Méganticois is no longer the same. Many do not even want to admit it, even though it is self-evident. They live in spite of themselves the consequences of what happened that night.

But we, who watch over and react on everything that happens, we know …

Call for Hope and Resilience
“It is important to take a time out to remember this tragedy that has forever marked all the Megantic. The initiatives put forward this year come from the involvement of citizens and a whole community on the move. The messages we hear all day will be messages of hope and resilience. ”

With the words of Jean-Guy Cloutier, Mayor of Lac-Mégantic, the City announces that it will mark the fourth anniversary of the tragedy of July 6, 2013 with symbolic and subdued moments, just to not forget what happened that night -the.

Lac-Mégantic is still associating this international movement initiated locally with the Magnetic Center, this year, as well as the Sainte-Agnès parish for certain activities.

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From 7:30 am on the morning of July 6, as part of the Creative Mornings, there will be a musical performance to open the day followed by a special conference delivered by the Executive Director of the Community Development Corporation (CDC) of the Granite, Monique Phérivong Lenoir.

The latter, through its involvement, has made a difference in the community, promoting equality of opportunity in the environment, so that each individual can flourish, develop, become a better version of himself. Ms. Phérivong Lenoir will also talk about her involvement in the emergence of the Concerto, a building that should change the face of downtown Lac-Mégantic. This will take place in front of the Heritage Station, in the city center, or in the event of rain.

Then, at 11 am, a mass will be held at the church of Sainte-Agnes in homage to the 47 victims of the tragedy. At the end of the ceremony, a time-out in the forecourt of the church will allow the participants to recall and gather, while 47 bells will sound, one for each victim. Curate Gilles Baril will deliver comforting words for the occasion. Everyone can then, in perspective, see scroll in spirit all the way traveled over the past four years.

In the evening, from 8 pm, outside the Center sportif Mégantic or indoors in case of rain, the singer-songwriter Sherbrooke Charles-Antoine Gosselin will perform in the programming of Concerts Entre chien And wolf, he who is known to know, by his songs, aim right at the heart.