Lack of medicines and ignorance of the medical examination: Buchansky the hospital revealed violations of prisoners ‘ rights

Отсутствие медикаментов и игнорирование медосмотра: в Бучанской больнице выявили нарушения прав осужденных

The Prosecutor of the Kiev region revealed numerous violations of prisoners ‘ rights in Buchansky hospital № 85 of the branch of the state institution “Centre of health protection of the State criminal-Executive service of Ukraine” in Kiev and Kiev region, including ignoring medical examination and lack of sufficient medicines. Reports a press about it-service of Prosecutor’s office of Kiev region.

“As a rule, not met the legal requirements for conducting initial medical examination of all prisoners after their arrival at the facility to identify infectious and other diseases, as well as the completion of a preventive medical examination before dismissal”, – noted in Prosecutor’s office.

Also insufficient was the number of medicines to support their convicts, including painkillers and antibiotics.

In addition, cases of non-compliance with norms of living space per convict.

The local Prosecutor’s office introduced a Directive to correct the above and others identified by the results of the inspection, which is pending.

Recall that in Kagarlyk penal colony № 115 was revealed a number of violations of conditions of detention.

Informed the Secretariat of the Ombudsman found evidence of ill-treatment of prisoners in the Kirovograd penal colony № 6. It was also reported about the established facts of the coercion of prisoners to free labor in intercession correctional centre, No. 79, in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

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