Lady Gaga came to a charity event with my mom

Леди Гага пришла на благотворительный вечер с мамой

Lady Gaga knows how to look elegant and appropriate, if they wish. The star demonstrated his understated way during the charity event Children Mending Hearts’ Empathy 10th Annual Rock in Los Angeles, where he arrived not with my fiance and a mother.

Some time ago Cynthia Germanotta, mother of the singer, published an essay in the publication Refinery29, in which he spoke about his mother and about their children, including Lady Gaga. “When my daughters were young, they tried to share their anxieties, but I always tell them that others are dealing with all this. Now I understand that it was not the best method, I do not know what problems really face my children”, says Cynthia. Whatever it was, one of her daughters have achieved great success and thanks to her, both women now can help and inspire children to creativity, and this has been a charity Foundation, organized the event.