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Since the death of Johnny Hallyday in the night of 5 to 6 December, the tributes showered and loved ones gather to surround Laeticia and daughters Jade and Joy. It is now she who will have to provide for his daughters and for the inheritance of the star. A heavy burden for the one “who does not imagine to live without him’ is Closer in its off-series.

Since the night of 5 to 6 December, life is a little stopped. Johnny Hallyday, has died at the age of 74 years. He died surrounded by his family, in the arms of Laeticia, the last woman of his life. If since the announcement of his illness, Laeticia has already had to face difficult things as announce the death of Johnny in his children, it is her turn now to be the guardian of the temple. To protect themselves daughters Jade and Joy, and to continue the legacy of Johnny. A heavy fight for the one that according to a source at the magazine, Closer, is still not live without her man : life without him ? I don’t think so,” said Laeticia. The question of how to continue without his great love, Laeticia replied : “I certainly would more if I didn’t met. You have saved my soul “.

In an interview with Paris Match, a close to the couple confided on the anguish of raising her girls without her man, her great love for the past 22 years. “Understand-the. She is with Johnny since she was twenty years of age, it is the love of his life. The idea that it can no longer be here and that she is left alone with the girls terrifies her. This is not at all in the order of things. Johnny has recovered from so much fighting.” A new life now opens before her.

A difficult life is shaping up for Laeticia without Johnny, fortunately she is well surrounded and can count on his loyal friends, but also Laura and David to take care of her and her daughters Jade and Joy as the godparents of the little girls. She will need all of their support already Saturday, December 9, for the national tribute record to Johnny Hallyday and the ceremony exceptional in the church of the Madeleine.

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