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It is Laeticia Hallyday, who announced the sad news : Johnny is no more. Struck down by lung cancer, the idol is dead in his arms, in his home in Marnes-La-Coquette.

Long Laeticia refused to think about it. Then it was necessary to announce to Jade and Joy that their father was gone forever. It took a call to the great ones : David and Laura, wake up in the night. His voice should be clear, simple words. The time is the gathering, management terrible at the moment. After she could cry, to let go. She wakes up her daughters in the night? Or does she have left to sleep ? Until the end Laeticia has tried to protect them, organizing snacks at home, of course kitchen. It was their change ideas, make their lives a little less serious. She knows Jade fragile, Joy more solar. Now she must be strong for her daughter. Johnny died in his arms.

In the middle of the night, Laeticia has passed on the sad news. The wife of Johnny wrote a message poignant. “” My man is no more. The dad of our two small daughters, Jade and Joy, is gone. The dad of Laura and David closed his eyes. His blue eyes light up again and again in our house, and our souls. Today, out of respect and love for this extraordinary man who was the mine for more than 22 years to perpetuate her passion for life, strong sensations, emotions without half-measures, we unite all our prayers, and our hearts. We think of him so strong that he will forever be at our side, the side of those who listen to it, sing it, and cherished for always, ” written Laeticia Hallyday.

It concludes with these words : “Johnny was a man out of the common. It will remain with you. Most importantly, do not forget it. He is and will remain with us forever. My love, I love you so much.” David and Laura have not yet responded. His love of youth, Sylvie Vartan has testified of his “broken heart”

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