Land Rover smashes a record held by Ferrari

Land Rover fracasse un record détenu par Ferrari

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At the wheel of a Range Rover Sport SVR, the driver chinese Ho-Pin Tung broke a record that was held by Ferrari and their 458 Italia.

In fact, this sport utility vehicle English, has traveled the winding mountain road, Tianmen in 9 minutes, and 51 seconds. This distance of 11.3 kilometers, which includes no less than 99 bends, had been covered in 10 minutes and 31 seconds by Fabio Barone on board of a 458 Italia in 2016.

As a reference, the Range Rovert Sport SVR is powered by a supercharged V8 of 5.0 L, which develops 575 horsepower. As for the cut Italian, its back cover contains a V8 4.5 L that generates 570 horsepower.

The british manufacturer has the wind in its sails. A few weeks ago, the Range Rover Sport PHEV has climbed a staircase of 999 steps, and it was more than impressive.

Range Rover Sport SVR

Land Rover fracasse un record détenu par Ferrari