Laura Smet at the bedside of his father Johnny Hallyday : David has not yet been preview Gala


In the clan Hallyday, the family is essential : all of the loved ones of Johnny alternates to the clinic in paris where the singer has been hospitalized since a few days.

The clan stood around the Taulier Johnny Hallyday and Laeticia, the wife of the singer, the one that distills the image of the family on the social networks, the one that in over 20 years, love has become a collaborator indispensable in the team of the singer. By posting photos of the clinic in paris where the rocker is hospitalized, Here are aroused the concern of the fans and pushed the relatives of the singer to break the silence to the AFP. A way to stop the rumors shooting circulating on the s / singer for several months.

At the clinic, the relatives of the clan are relayed to support their friend and his wife Laeticia, who hasn’t left her husband : Sébastien Farran its manager, Yarol Poupaud, Caroline de Maigret, his daughter, Laura Smet. David Hallyday, the son of the star haven’t been photographed. Was it abroad ? En route to join his father as soon as possible ? On social networks, the son of Johnny Hallyday has nothing posted before the 1st of November and a nice picture father-daughter with Ilona, the daughter he had with Estelle Lefebure. In Hallyday, the family is sacred. Last march, after the announcement of the cancer of the star, David had had these words to his father ” I know him as a fighter, it is a little genetically the traits of our family, we all have a burden, it drags and fights. Anyway, he must be a fighter, a warrior, otherwise you die “.

 “Her return home is expected shortly, the situation is stabilized “, said someone close to the AFP, confirming that the star was still in the hospital.

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