Lawyers support the current system of lawyer self-government – poll

Lawyers support the current model of lawyer self-government provided by the law “On advocacy and legal practice”. This is evidenced by the results of the survey “the Functioning of the Institute of advocacy of Ukraine”, conducted by the Center for applied research at the end of August, reports “UKRINFORM” writes “”.

Thus, more than 70% of lawyers positively estimate the current system of legal profession. The study also evaluated the individual activities of the National Association of advocates of Ukraine. So, about 80% of respondents positively assess the activity of NAAU for the development of the profession. Especially emphasized such aspects as the protection of the rights of lawyers, 44% assessed the activity of NAAU in the sphere of good 33% – excellent; promote professional development of lawyers and 41% of respondents rated as good and 33% as excellent. The study also assessed the effectiveness of an advocate’s fees, due to which contains government. 74% of lawyers were positive about this criterion. Keeping a Unified register of advocates of Ukraine, which by law is vested in the Board of advocates of Ukraine, 76% of respondents rated positively dissatisfied with the registry only 1.5% of respondents.

“The results of the study showed that the majority of lawyers are satisfied with the activity of NAAU and is benefiting from its membership”, – said the Director of the applied research Center Andrew Karakuz.

The activities of the regional bodies of advocate self-government also received a positive assessment. So, 52% of respondents appreciated the excellent work of the bar Council of your region, 37% evaluate the work of local councils of lawyers as good. These figures are slightly higher than the rating of the VR of Ukraine – 54% rated it as good, 29% as excellent. At the same time, the work of the Higher qualification and disciplinary Commission of the bar is estimated nearly the same as the qualification and disciplinary Commission of the bar Association of regions – 49% good and 33% excellent versus 43% good and 40% excellent, respectively.

The survey results also confirmed this criterion of activity of lawyer self-government as transparency. 74% of respondents said that the organization ensures openness and transparency in their work. About 75% -80% of the surveyed lawyers said that they received quite enough information about the activities of bodies of advocate self-government.

The survey “the Functioning of the legal profession in Ukraine” conducted by the Center for applied research commissioned by the Ukrainian Foundation of legal aid from 16 to 23 August. Method telephone interviews were polled 1000 lawyers from all regions of Ukraine. The population sample consisted of 40 thousand lawyers.

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