LCD screens: other dollars for Canadians

You received green tickets, in 2015, from manufacturers of liquid crystal panels (LCDs) following a nationwide settlement in a class action? Be on the lookout!
Money – the money you actually paid when you bought a TV, a computer monitor or a laptop between January 1998 and December 2006 – could Come back in your pockets.
And, who knows, maybe with the next holiday season!
New regulations have been signed with two manufacturers, LG and HannStar.
The former is committed to paying consumers $ 21.2 million. HannStar, for its part, puts a little over $ 2 million on the table to put an end to recourse to the courts.
While LG and HannStar have decided to open their pockets, they deny, however, that they participated in any form of collusion in fixing the prices for LCD panels and products containing LCD panels in Canada.
Settlements with LG and HannStar are expected to receive court benediction in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia by mid-April.
It was in 2007 that the Canadian collective action against the manufacturers of liquid crystal displays had been filed in Ontario.
A first amicable settlement was authorized by the court in 2014.
Five manufacturers agreed to pay $ 37.6 million to settle the dispute with the plaintiffs. Samsung Electronics and Samsung Electronics Canada agreed to pay $ 21.5 million. Chunghwa Picture Tubes ($ 2 million) and Epson Imaging Devices Corporation ($ 1.2 million) were also picking up their bank account to The case before the courts.
They put their hands in their pocket, but refused to admit that they had plotted or had caused any harm to anyone.
Of the $ 37.6 million, just over $ 25 million was in the pockets of Canadian consumers. The difference was used to pay professional fees, expert fees and publication of notices in the media.
Prize pool of nearly $ 34 million
Just before entering into the agreements with LG and HannStar, various law firms representing consumers, including Siskinds and Bouchard Pagé Tremblay, announced that court settlements had been authorized by the court with two other manufacturers of liquid crystal displays . AU Optronics Corporation and Toshiba Corporation promised to pay $ 8.6 and $ 2.1 million respectively.
At the Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia courts, prosecutors will ask that the proceeds from these two agreements ($ 10.7 million) and those to come with LG and HannStar (23, $ 2 million) – a prize pool totaling close to $ 34 million – be distributed in bulk to consumers.
According to Linda Visser of Siskinds, the distribution of the sums of money should be known next fall. On condition, of course, that the courts approve the distribution protocol.
In 2014, consumers did not have to provide a receipt or other proof of purchase to recover the overpayment between January 1998 and December 2006 for the purchase of a television or computer. They had only to file a claim online. The minimum payment at the time was $ 25. The amounts paid depended on the number and value of claims filed by consumers and businesses.
Collective action against manufacturers of liquid crystal displays is not yet complete. Indeed, the proceedings are continuing against Sharp company.
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