Leaders of a sexual nature: the former director of the national gymnastics team of women found not guilty

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SARNIA, Ontario | the former director of The women’s national team of Gymnastics Canada Dave Brubaker has been declared not guilty, Wednesday, in relation to the accusations leveled against him for multiple counts of sexual nature.

Justice Deborah Austin has delivered his verdict after he criticized the professionalism of the police in Sarnia, Ontario, who had been investigating the case, according to the “London Free Press”.

Brubaker, 55, had been arrested by the police last December. He had been charged with one count of invitation to sexual touching, three counts of sexual interference, three counts of sexual exploitation and three counts of sexual assault.

This is a woman of 31 years old who was the complainant in this folder. Athlete from 2000 to 2007, she was aged 12 to 20 years during this period where she alleged that she had been the victim of actions taken by Brubaker.

Dave Brubaker has been a managing director of Bluewater Gymnastics, a training facility deemed to Sarnia and develops high-level athletes.

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