Learned the name of the sixth part of the die hard

Стало известно название шестой части Крепкого орешка

The sixth film of the franchise “die hard” with Bruce Willis in the main role will be called “McClane”. This was stated by the producer of the film Lorenzo di Bonaventura publishing Empire.

Earlier this film was planned to be called “die hard: Year one” (Die Hard: Year One). This film will be both a prequel and a sequel. It will simultaneously develop two stories. One of them will show a new York policeman John McClane in our days, and the second will tell about it 40 years ago.

Bruce Willis play McClane in age, but what young actor will embody on the screen the policeman was young, not yet specified. The producer said that both of these characters are equally important to the plot.

The Director of the film will be Len Wiseman, who previously directed “die hard 4.0”, “total Recall” and the three parts of “Another world”. The shooting of “McClane” will begin in the coming months.

We will remind, this spring “die hard,” declared a national treasure of the United States.

As previously reported, the network appeared the trailer for the new film with Bruce Willis Glass. The picture is going to be released in January next year.

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