Legendary French actor decided to learn the Ukrainian language

Легендарный французский киноактер решил выучить украинский язык

During the filming of his new movie in Ukraine the famous Frenchman Jean Reno began to learn the Ukrainian language.

Jean Reno learned a few Ukrainian phrases. As you know, the Hollywood star now lives in Transcarpathia, which also prompted him to learn a new language.

So, Jean Reno knows the phrase “good day” and “thank you.” According to preliminary data, the actor arrived in Ukraine in February. In Transcarpathia are now shooting of Ukrainian-French Thriller “the Last step” in which Reno plays a major role.

Meanwhile, residents of Transcarpathia, who managed to see or communicate with the star wide screens, said that the actor is very friendly and polite. This was told by the hotel Manager, home actor.