Legendary Odyssey in the heart of the Invisible Village

We know all these books which propose us to be the hero of a fantastic history in choosing the destiny of the protagonist. At the Village québécois d’antan, you are invited to be the hero … of your own past.

In one of the “zonactions” of the Village … (Picture provided) – image 1.0
In one of the “zonactions” of the invisible Village, visitors will be able to help Louis Cyr to raise a phenomenal charge.

If the summer season is still lively in the Village québécois d’antan of Drummondville, his team was looking for an experience that would enhance the offer to tourists. It was then that the GN7 consortium, composed of Novom networks and 7th Lights and Events, submitted a very interesting turnkey project: the Invisible Village.

“We are talking about an immersive and technological nocturnal experience that aims to introduce the heroes, legends and mythical and fantastic creatures of past Quebec,” said Jacinthe Roberge, communications and marketing coordinator of the Village québécois d’antan.

Mobile phone in hand, visitors can then wander in the village lit by luminous logs. They stop at the fancy of the animations that appear thanks to an application on their device or on the different buildings. The village gossip, the storyteller and the schoolmistress are the virtual guides of this unique visit.

“It’s a first in Canada to transform a smartphone, now owned by 95% of the population, into a remote control that can be used as when watching television, but to squarely influence the show, We have it in front of us, “explains Claude Caron, president of Novom Networks.

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For the legend Rose Latulipe, the girl who has unfortunately danced with the devil, there would exist more than 200 different purposes. Visitors choose from among the three deductions. Joseph, a loving woodcutter, writes a letter to his sweet which can be declined in 27 versions. It is thus possible to redo the course more than once by changing the course of events each time.

“The beauty of the thing is that all the visitors then become co-creators,” argues Stéphan Parent, director of special projects for 7th sense.

One can also help Louis Cyr raised a phenomenal charge or Alexis the trotter to run faster than a train!

This major achievement required a little over three months of hard work to make it all ready for the summer. Nearly four kilometers of wire had to be buried for the invisible village!

“It has never been as timely and historic. We have not been distorted by technology and we remain at the heart of Quebec history with the most trendy technology, “says Roberge, stressing the importance of reviving Quebec’s heritage through her legends.

We know all these books that we … (Specter Média, Frédéric Côté) – image 3.0

In total, there will be about 15 “zonactions” that young and old will be able to see in the course of about 1 h 30. The Invisible Village will be open from June 22 to September 3 and it is expected to reuse the concept for three years. The village team does not exclude the idea of ​​reusing technology for other events … to watch!

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Note that Novom networks is an Estrie company. It is in fact a product of the Université de Sherbrooke and its Accelerator for the creation of technology companies (ACET). The company which specializes in analytics, geolocation and the Internet of objects has existed since 2012. The Invisible Village is an accomplishment that adds to a well-stocked list of projects for Loto-Québec and the festival Osheaga.