“Les fourberies de Scapin” – The word of Scapin

Photo: Guillaume Levasseur Duty
Through his hats various, André Robitaille has no difficulty to find a common goal : “speak to the world”, regardless of the platform.

Familiar Figure of the animation and the small screen, André Robitaille will attack this winter on “the role and the most impressive” of his acting career : Scapin, on the stage of the TNM.


Her presence on the screen is made with a constancy marked since leaving the national theatre School of Canada in 1989, and it is so to speak part of the decor. To a point that we forget sometimes, behind the facilitator, the man of the theatre. “I’m afraid of falling into clichés, but this is the basic : first of all, it is the home first, this is where I can develop myself artistically,” explains, about the sixth art, the one who will carry the title role of this Treachery of Scapin, fourth of the name in the TNM, after productions in 1972, 1975 and 1986.


He succeeds Gabriel Gascon and Normand Chouinard, who have previously played the valet, a buffoon, in this piece that Jean-Pierre Ronfard was ” one of the most fantastic machines of theatre that have ever been designed “. This will be for Robitaille an opportunity to recapture the ” joy of live “, in a Scapin wanted a direct relationship with the audience. “Molière wanted it like that. “


After this production, he will be in Paris for Edgar and his ghosts, before a Laurel and Hardy this summer in Quebec. A big year of theatre, in sum, whereas The children from the tv and main Entrance to the are already full-time in two programs. “I feel that I am a better leader if I played at the theatre the day before, and vice versa. Just animate or just to play, he would be missing something. I am privileged, I have the right to two. I take care of, and I’m working like crazy. “


Its hats various, André Robitaille has no difficulty to find a common goal : “speak to the world “, regardless of the platform. “With The children of the tv, while there is much to entertain and enjoy the stories of our guests, you will notice that I am working to go search for a social intervention also, either quietly or very openly. Our society is changing ; for television, we can see it. “


When he imagined It’s just the tv, this was the goal : to see his company evolve through the prism of television. Far from the dichotomy that the écartèlerait between actor and animator, Robitaille sees itself as a ” communicator “. “I love to make people laugh, but I need, when I hosted a show, that there is a social background pretty solid. “


Which brings us back to Scapin, and to the echoes that the room will be able to find in 2018. “Listen… I know we always say it when we ask this question : as the classic that it is going up still resonates today. But Molière, his mission, that was what we just said : the social intervention. Make a grimace to the doctors, make a foot of nose to the justice… “

Molière would want to scream ! The people in power are doing well : this is what it says, Scapin !
André Robitaille

In line with the author of the Treachery, which said that “the duty of comedy is to correct men by entertaining them,” the actor recalls, among other points of news judgment in Jordan and its consequences. “Molière would want to scream ! The people in power are doing well : this is what it says, Scapin ! “


Carl Béchard, who directed this production for twelve actors, spoke about it to recreate the impact that the text has had in its creation, in may 1671, but for the public of today. Far from the “steppettes” famous jack, André Robitaille is preparing for two years for this role, of his career, is ” most impressive “, in a production that the team wanted strongly supported in the text, and is not willing to enter in by the antics.


“Me, do the pirouette to pirouette, I kid. I don’t like players, I like players who are. A guy drunk, I can do it in a snap ; it’s going to make people laugh, and my God it’s going to be nice. But I don’t want to… I want to understand why I want to gosser in my gut before I get up and do it. “


The place of the theatre


If, for its own posture, it makes no difference between theatre and screen, it remains that these two spaces of creation have not less strong and distinct. “There is a lack of means in the theatre, that is undeniable. There is a need of money urgent. It would have to sell our tickets to New York, to $ 200, to arrive… We will never make it to the public, “says the actor, with names such as Benoit Brière, in which he gives the reply and a Molière at the TNM, a consciousness to operate in a” market of choice “.


If all theaters do not have this chance, and in a context of increased presence of film and television productions, in a context where the price of a theater ticket competes poorly with the costs of streaming and piracy, Robitaille remains optimistic, however, for two reasons. “When I sit down in front of my Netflix, it makes me feel good and I love it, but I don’t have much else to do. Be a spectator of theatre, it is active. “


“And it is the communion, also. Be a thousand people in a room, in the dark, to live a moment live with its unexpected, with the imperfections of the direct… The theatre is going through the story because of that : the human encounter. Because of the people sitting together in a room : it is one of the churches we have left. “

Les fourberies de Scapin

Text : Molière. Directed by : Carl Béchard. With Simon Beaulé-Bulman, Marie-Eve Beaulieu, Carol Bergeron, Benoît Brière, Patrice Coquereau, Lyndz Dantiste, David-Alexandre Després, Marcelle Hudon, Sébastien René, André Robitaille, Catherine Sénart and Tatiana Zinga Botao. A production of the TNM, from 16 January to 10 February in Montréal and on tour in Quebec.