Less smoke and live together : the Kharkov guards received a letter from the past

 Меньше курите и живите дружно : харьковские гвардейцы получили письмо из прошлого

“Less smoke, and live together”: Kharkiv guards received a letter from the past
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Now the old message is kept in the Museum for history and future generations.

Found a letter with repair

Three times folded sheet in the box Kharkiv guards 5 Slobozhansky brigade found during the renovation of the sanitary block. When in one of the rooms of the medical center changed the floor from hardwood to tile, the guys noticed that one of the boards caught on something. Looked at the yellowed old sheet: blue pen withdrawn “1981” and in big letters “MESSAGE.” Guys read the message and showed it to the commander.

The sheet was wrapped envelope and nailed, – says the soldier Andrei Eropunov, which, together with a friend and found a letter. – Was surprised – so many years have passed, people left a message and found him! Wrote the exact same soldiers as found.

With the expectation that the authors invented, it is clear from the text give advice to young people, and also casually mention about yourself and about the orders in the service of their time.

“We pupils of 1981, giving you that room, keep it clean and tidy. We had 10 people. Live together peacefully. Less smoke, and the commanders don’t like it,” – said in yellowed paper.

One of the authors is still living in Kharkov

Under a simple text names – all 10 guardsmen-tenants signed says. 5 Slobozhansky crew tell so far managed to find only one of the guys, and that is a miracle. In the Finance Department working woman with the same last name as specified in the list. Decided to check, maybe the namesake? Was – the same “Strelchenko Lenya” her husband. That once in his youth he along with his comrades wrote a letter, the man already forgotten. Today Leonid Strelchenko 53 years old when the letter was hiding under a floorboard, he was 17 years old.

– No, the letter was not written by my hand with love, smiles, Leonid, holding me back. – It was interesting to see, to remember. In the mind immediately flashed, as it were.

While in the case of what is now the infirmary was a dormitory. About the writing of a letter to Strelchenko said that they did not think long, got, wrote, hidden. The road in the life of 10 guys dispersed: someone went to another city, and someone in another country. His life Leonid has lived in Kharkov, dedicated service, and retired 15 years ago. Recognized, on the site of modern national guardsmen today I would write about something else.

For example, I would have written to maintain order in the state and in place it is possible to always maintain smiling, one of the authors of the letter.

New letters will come up life

Whatchu guys, employees in 2018 in the future, still do not know, but after finding messages from 1981 seriously thinking to leave a message about yourself to future generations. Now greetings from the past was placed in a Museum it is stored next to the message 50 years ago, which found while repairing one of the buildings a couple of years ago. Natsgvardeytsy want to find the remaining 9 of the authors of the letter and to invite guests, to show how now lives with them.

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