Letizia of Spain, her daughters and Felipe at the party in Madrid before a drama…

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King Felipe VI of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, queen Letizia, Leonor and Sofia – The Spanish royal family attends a military parade on national day in Madrid October 12, 2017.

The queen has attended the national festival in the capital.

Despite the tensions, the arrests and the protests that are rocking the country because of the desire of a part of Catalonia to gain its independence, Spain is celebrating this Thursday, October 12. The royal family celebrated the national day.

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Very firm with the Catalans, the king Felipe VI was a little less tense on the occasion of the celebrations of the national day, in the stronghold of Madrid. The king, in official uniform, attended in the company of his wife, queen Letizia of Spain, elegant in tailor grey, their daughters, princesses Leonor (11 years old) and Sofia (age 10), as well as Elena of Spain (proudly displaying a flag around the neck), at the military parade which was held from 11am on the plaza of Lima. No less than 4,000 military personnel marched from the ranks of the army, the civil guard and, for the first time since thirty years, the national police. Unfortunately, a few hours later, an officer of the army of the air returning to its base at 300 km from the capital, crashed his aircraft, a Eurofighter, and died.

The royal family was able to enjoy the singing of supporters shouting their pride of being Spanish and calling for unity. A message that was also heard by the very much maligned prime minister of the right, Mariano Rajoy, who was given until 19 October to Carles Puigdemont, president separatist catalan, to clarify his statement on the independence of Catalonia. The prime minister threatened to use an article of the constitution to lose its independence to this region of the country.

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