LG has started selling a new OLED-TV with the function of artificial intelligence

Yesterday, 16 April, LG Electronics in the United States started selling a new OLED-TVs LG ThinQ. This unit has a new processor Alpha 9, but the function of artificial intelligence.

Owners of the LG ThinQ will be able to control the TV using voice commands, you will need to tell the remote control. The novelty will become a kind of home hub, providing access to other smart technology, such as vacuum cleaner, air conditioning, lighting, speakers and other devices connected using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

LG ThinQ has an excellent screen, which will give the most realistic picture and high contrast images. Initially the TV will be available in 500 Best Buy stores, but then they spread to Europe, South America and Asia.

The company LG has already announced that in 2018 the sales of OLED TVs will grow significantly, increasing from 1.6 million units to 2.5 million.