LHSAM: the nine teams are withdrawing!

(Waterloo) The Maroons de Waterloo will continue to play hockey next season. But it will not be in the Mauricie Senior League, at least as we know it now.

Early in the afternoon Monday, Luc Thibault, owner of the Mecanarc de Donnacona, issued a statement on behalf of the eight other LHSAM team owners that the nine formations left the circuit altogether !

“Differing visions of the future led to this decision,” wrote Thibault in his letter.

Following the reception of the press release, Maroons owner Daniel Roy said “there are too many cases that do not work now in the LHSAM”.

Roy did not want to elaborate, except to say “that the league is growing too fast and that there have been many bad decisions over the winter”.

Calls placed here and there have however made it possible to learn that the governors of the LHSAM tried unsuccessfully to knock out President Alain Beauchamp and that, faced with the failure, they chose to withdraw their teams.

Future new league

According to what La Voix de l’Est has learned, a meeting of the LHSAM governors will be held this week and the foundation will be laid for a new Quebec senior hockey league.

The nine teams of the current LHSAM will thus be back, but the circuit will have a new name and will probably have new regulations at the administrative level.

And there is no question that the defunct Eastern Townships League will be reborn.

“It’s brewing, that’s for sure,” said Daniel Roy. And we can not say everything yet. But we work to do something better, more fun still. Presently, there are too many things that do not look good! ”

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