Lider Avto-Eurosilo Yaroshevich burned his car because of a new law on EuroBLECH

Лидер Авто-Евросила Ярошевич сжег свой автомобиль из-за нового закона о евробляхах

Last night the leader of the organization “Auto-Eurosil” Oleg Yaroshevich burned his Land Rover in protest against the adoption of the law on increasing fines for uncleared cars. He reported about it in Facebook.

“For the majority of people who bought the right to use the car on European registration for 1500 Euro, it is cheaper to burn your car than to buy it and customs clearance according to the accepted laws! As the leader of the community who is responsible for all his statements in protest to burn their cars!”, said Yaroshevich.

From 7 to 8 November, Kyiv hosted the rally car drivers with Euronorm. Among the requirements – changes in the taxation of import of cars from abroad. The rally was complicated by the movement on the capital’s roads. Currently, shares in the capital ended, the protesters dispersed. The police reported that the meeting took place without violations.

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