Life is a struggle: Lyashko called falsification allegations of his illicit enrichment

Вся жизнь - борьба: Ляшко назвал фальсификацией обвинения в своем незаконном обогащении

The people’s Deputy, the head of fraction “Radical party” Oleg Lyashko commented about the investigation of his illicit enrichment and the possibility of deprivation of parliamentary immunity. On his Facebook page Lyashko said that the anti-corruption agencies of Ukraine used to discredit him and fraud charges.

Lyashko also said that “lives honestly and does not violate the law.”

“All my life is a struggle. In the ‘ 90s and early 2000s I experienced the repression as an opposition journalist, but he defended his good name, winning the case in the European court of human rights. I was harassed and “regionalista” power, but had nothing to show. My weapon is honesty,” said he.

Earlier today, the media reported that NABU and SAP are preparing a submission to Lyashko about the lifting of his parliamentary immunity. According to nazara Golodnitsky, more than a year investigating the case against the leader of the “radicals”.

Earlier, the NAB had examined the circumstances of the Declaration of Oleg Lyashko 571 thousand hryvnias win at “Ukrainian national lottery”. As reported in the article on income and gifts Lyashko indicated that he three times won in the “Ukrainian national lottery”. Amounts of the winnings amounted to 283 560 UAH 153 485 and 134 thousand. Thus, the leader of the “radicals” won 571 thousand.

With the recent Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko announced the submission to the MP, “is involved in the destruction of the defense industry of Ukraine”. The name of the Deputy Lutsenko said.

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