Lincoln MKC 2019: five things to know

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On the market for 2015, the Lincoln MKC borrows its platform with the Ford Escape. It is the first sport utility vehicle, the compact (SUV) sold by Lincoln.

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The american manufacturer has sold 1849 copies in Canada in 2018, significantly less than in 2017 as 2337 units have been passed.

A choice of two engines

As standard, the MKC comes with a four-cylinder turbocharged engine of 2.0 L, which develops 245 horsepower. Optionally, another block turbocharged four-cylinder is proposed. A volume of 2.3 L, it generates, as to him, a power of 285 horsepower.

In particular, they can rely on the direct injection and the distribution of the independent variable that provided by two camshafts (Ti-VCT). Their towing capacity stands at 1360 kilograms.

In regards to the transmission, it is an automatic gearbox with six reports.

All-wheel drive series

Whether you opt for a version Select or Ultra, you’ll enjoy the traction smart. The system ensures to strike a balance between the torque of the front and rear wheels. The goal is to optimize control and avoid slipping.

In Quebec, it is a luxury which it is difficult to live without once one has tasted.

Technology component

In option, it is possible to choose the Sync system 3. This third generation of the multimedia system allows, thanks to the voice command, ” do not leave your eyes on the road while controlling its applications. A large touch screen in the center console also offers the possibility to do the manipulations desired.

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It is possible to combine this technology with the audio system, THX 14 speakers, whose power is 700 watts.

As is the case also for the other vehicles in the brand, the MKC can be connected with the application Lincoln Way. It offers the ability to search the availability of a parking space, the price of the fuel stations in the vicinity. It also allows remote monitoring of the location and may start, lock and unlock the SUV in need.

A door of entry into the world of luxury

Available starting at$ 45,000, the MKC is the vehicle for the more affordable of the current range proposed by Lincoln. For this sum, we get the version Select. The declination Ultra is available from 50 to 150$.

Several audience

In option, it is possible to check the adaptive cruise control. It detects the slowing down of the traffic and automatically slows the vehicle at the same time. The vehicle then resumes its speed when the pace of the movement increases. Among the other optional features include parking assisted, the assistance of lane-keeping, automatic emergency braking, the alert to dead angle with view of cross traffic. For the camera, it is standard.