“Liqueur” refused in a CHSLD: a local decision, Barrette J.

Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette does not intend to decide, instead of the local authorities, what can be used for drinking or not in Quebec City’s CHSLDs.
The text “The little liqueur that disturbs” , signed by Sun columnist Mylène Moisan, made a big noise in social media on Sunday. Many were shocked to learn that nine elders of the Christ-Roi CHSLD will no longer be able to drink a liqueur by eating their supper, as they have been doing for many years.
A directive of the Integrated Center for Health and Social Services (CIUSSS) of the Capitale-Nationale has put an end to this practice in recent months. Despite the battle waged by the Chair of the Users’ Committee, management did not want to reverse its decision to standardize practices, be fair to all seniors and promote healthy eating habits. A consultation committee concluded that “soft drink was not part of the food supply” of CHSLDs. Only tea and coffee will be offered in the thirty CHSLDs under the direction of the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale.
On the evening of Sunday, Julie White, the press secretary of the minister Gaétan Barrette, specified that this was a local decision which did not fall to the minister. “This is a local decision based on healthy eating and the principle of equity between CHSLDs,” she said. Ms. White did not want to comment on the decision, handing her responsibility back to the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale.
On Facebook, the member of the Quebec Véronique Hivon Party said it was “shocked” by the text of the sun . “More humanity, less rigidity in our CHSLDs, it would do so much good!”
François Paradis, a member of the Coalition Future Québec (CAQ), also condemned this decision. “It’s the bureaucracy before the little pleasures of life. I will fight for you, “he promised.

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