Liquor license : a failed liberal, according to the CAQ

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The fiasco of the redesign of the computer system for issuing permits for alcohol is “another failed liberal in terms of it management,” says the CAQ, promising that this program will be in operation as early as next year.

“The liberals have had 15 years to solve the problem, but once again they are dragging her feet,” said the director of communications at office of the public Security ministry, Jean-François Del Torchio.

Yesterday, our Bureau of investigation has lifted the veil on another damn computer to the government of Quebec, more specifically to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ).

The overhaul of the system Acolyte was expected to cost$ 3.5 Million and enter service in 2013. This system must facilitate the life of the restorers and keepers of the bar, which make the alcohol licence application.

Delays and millions in additional

However, the redesign of the computer system with the issuance of these permits has still missed several years after the beginning of the project. It will cost three times more expensive than originally planned before it is functional.

In addition to the successive delays, the ministry of public Security (MSP) has been quietly added in an amount of$ 5 Million to the overall budget of the project last year. A$ 3.5 Million contract has been given otc at the firm R3D consulting inc. to perform this work. However, it is the same company that has accumulated the delays to this project.

“It must be remembered that the initial project has taken birth six years earlier […] A refresh was necessary in order that it matches the new realities”, pleaded the RACJ, to explain why these amounts had been injected.

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Ready in 2020

“Éric Caire, and Christian Dubé are in the process of reviewing the computer records to ensure that the brothel in which the PLQ has put us does not happen again,” said Mr. Del Torchio. It ensures that a project “Sidekick 2.0″ will soon be delivered.”Since we came to government we re-adjusted the fire on the program, Sidekick 2.0 for it to come in function at the same time that the law in 2020”.

The government of Quebec has sanctioned in June 2018 the Law for the modernization of the system of liquor licence. It aims to address “more adequately to the different needs of citizens and those expressed by the industry, while encouraging responsible consumption of alcoholic beverages”.

Even though it is already in force, certain provisions will only be effective next year.