Little known facts about the tunnel of love in Rivne

Малоизвестные факты про тоннель любви в Ровно

Little known facts about the tunnel of love in Rivne [photo, video]
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Tunnel of love in Rivne. Photo from open sources

A favorite tourist spot, was once a military shelter.

In the Rivne region in the village of Klevan, located 24 kilometers from the city of Rivne, is the most fabulous place in Ukraine – the tunnel of love. There he was for a long time, but has become famous recently. This magical place is a Botanical phenomenon — directly over Railways that connects towns Klevan and Orzhiv villages, growing green tunnel in a forest with a length of about 4 km, created by thickets of trees and shrubs that are intertwined with each other and created a tight tunnel arch forms.

It is the General rule that any unusual place has its own history. The editorial Board of “KP in Ukraine” gathered some little-known facts and legends about the most romantic place the tunnel of love in Rivne.

Малоизвестные факты про тоннель любви в Ровно

Tunnel of love in different seasons. Photo:

Where did the tunnel

Sometime in the distant past, the railway track was lined with trees to protect nearby military base from prying eyes. For this the trees are planted very densely and close to the road surface to mask the movement of the train.

Local legends

Any resident knows Exactly the story, as the tale of the Gingerbread man or snow white. It was like when a couple is forbidden to marry the parents. Grief the girl threw herself into a swamp near the track. Her boyfriend went in search of a beloved and lost. Since then it nobody saw. Now their souls are helping others to maintain love.

Beliefs about the tunnel of love

Beliefs 1. Enough to make one wish and kiss, and it will come true.

Beliefs 2. Visiting the tunnel is considered an excellent preventive measure against discord in the relationship.

Beliefs 3. If you walk on the wedding day through the tunnel of lovers, family life will be happy.

The real facts

  • Three times a day through the tunnel is an industrial train.
  • In 2014, the Japanese Director, Akiyoshi Imazeki shot romantic drama “Klevan: the Tunnel of Love.”

  • Japanese company Fujifilm has removed there advertising.

And in conclusion we offer you to watch the video walk through the tunnel from the air.

Video: Alexander Goncharov /