Local employers note the loss of skills among workers who returned from earnings from abroad.

Domestic employers have noted a significant loss of skills among workers who returned from earnings from abroad. The reason for this is called degradation of the specialists in low-skilled jobs, reports “5 channel”.

To try yourself as zarobitchany in neighboring European countries, many are trying. However, not always this experience ends well. Most are held hostage situation or a victim of scams. In such cases it is necessary to develop not only way home, but the money that people “invested” or that the employer, therefore, employees are not able to return home, reports media.

At the enterprises of light industry talk about the common cases when workers, after a brief wandering on earnings going back and trying to recover at the same place of work. However, market competition will stimulate continued technological innovation of production processes. Most of these workers can no longer associate themselves with qualified professionals. In this case, and the loss of skills during the work in low-skilled work is also very noticeable, the newspaper reports.

As noted by General Director of state enterprise “textile-contact” Valery Ribas, most people go when they say their income with real abroad. To return again to his work, the worker needs time to adjust. He will have to relearn and start with the basics. But even such a scenario does not always happen.

Most of all, working abroad has a busy schedule, which sometimes exceeds the 12-hour working day. The body works hard and suffers health. Experts call for labor migrants not only take it that will remain in the pocket, but also to consider the issue comprehensively. Therefore, giving away your power and taxes to another country, homeland unlikely to find sufficient resources for adequate social protection of those who remain on its content, the newspaper reports.

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