Lolita told about alcohol and happiness in life

Today, the famous singer lolita turns 54. Talking about alcohol, she called herself an alcoholic.


Celebrity says that there is nothing negative in “occasional” drinking alcohol, particularly whiskey. She believes that the people who really have a drinking problem, yourself will not admit it, but she has such difficulty no. Also Lolita has told that does not suffer stellar disease, and in recent years, tries to lead a simple and modest life, reducing even the number of their concert performances. Now she tries to appear on the scene more than ten times per month.

The singer admitted to reporters that fame humanly is inconvenient, especially chustvuet it is on sale in torgovyh points where it is constantly recognized. Lita jokes until rasdal autographs and take pictures with admirers, other customers will buy her favorite thing.

With age, the singer begins to understand that she was lucky in life. She considers herself a lucky woman and spends more free time with family or resting outside the city.