Look at your libraries

Photo: Nicole Rene
A few players have said to have a room devoted exclusively to reading. Yet it is the case of Nicole René.

The readers of the Duty have been many to answer the call of the series on the personal libraries. Over a hundred have shared, via email or through social networks, a photo of their library. The small stack of books on the corner of the desk in the large room, the bookshelf Billy, IKEA-ray-to-measure, from the philosophical to the albums for children, the variations are as numerous as the profiles of the readers. And it is a small window on their identity, which is thus opened.

“Our library is sprawling, writes Louise Corriveau, both in space and in time. Memories of childhood and adolescence where the bulimia of reading we won some remonstrances, memories of students, and readings, required or prohibited, memories of adults, where the twinning of our respective libraries requires the pruning of duplicates to save space and to receive with happiness the new arrivals. The classic living room, cookbooks in the spare bedroom, and the basement enough charge to make us a shelter antinuclear or almost, it all contains the sum of our two lives in reading. Are we proud of ? We look with a critical eye, but tender and understanding, as if it was a member of the family. Since it is a member of the family. “


Most of the libraries of readers of the Need to appear, when one examines them, split. The books are most often distributed in different furniture and various pieces, along with the idea of reading at the heart of daily activities, available at any time. This idea is also in the library for kids, always very accessible, spatially. In Annic Gingras, reading an hour every evening, is a share imposed on the family routine mandatory. “Blended family, my husband is easily left lead” to follow this habit, which explains, according to Ms. Gingras, a love of reading and fiction that has already, at age 12, his son.


Pets, especially cats, seem to have their entries in the personal libraries. Robert Poirier as well includes a pillow, so that her pussy Nasturtium can doze off.


Few readers devote an entire room to their library and reading.

See photos of shared libraries by the readers of Duty.

Family stories


“Since my grandmother read me the newspaper while I was sitting next to her, I’ve always been an avid reader,” reveals Pierre Corbeil, who is identified with the ” professional reader “. “However, I read a lot for pleasure, of history, of course, but also thrillers and science-fiction novels, especially time travel and uchrony. However, my library is my place of work and my haven, where there is no daylight savings time. “


Other are revealed. “Owning a book is a pleasure as great as that of the read,” said André Senécal. “I interviews, it is said, a report erotic to my library, wrote to his side, Jade Bourdages. Hospitality is the watchword, although not that will in it. Report erotic texts that only begins with the German romanticism up to the present day (Plato does delights me much, for example). Essentially of the philosophy, literature, anthropology. In the house, a lot of children’s literature also. The one who sits on it all : Walter Benjamin, collector, small wardrobe, flâneur… Last review of the titles in a grid to Excel (in 2011) : 4378 (with the literature). “


“I arrived in Quebec in 2014, due to a mutation in the military, I learned French, and in the process I fell in love with quebec literature “, tells the story from his side, Stephan Wagner, who has added in 2015 to its collection a slope, quebec, where he keeps Menaud, maître-burner, Glances and games in space and of the original editions of Islands of the night, from the Tomb of the kings and of the Happiness of the occasion.


Several bibliophiles reflect the difficulty to prune, or prune by the children’s books that have become too easy for them. And some worry about the future of their books. “The question,” stresses Emile Martel, owner, with his wife and a library of several thousand volumes, is now to know how to get rid of it all. Finally, almost all of it. “


“I inherited the comic book collection of my mother, not because she died but because she is being undermined by the myalgic encephalomyelitis and that she has to sell her condo to fit in a smaller space “, tells Charli. “The worst, for her, was not to let go of its treasure — she knew that she could review it with me anytime, but put himself in the head because she could no longer spend the day at The Exchange “, this shop of used books.