Loss of biodiversity occurs as a result of global warming

Before mankind faced serious problem is the gradual loss of the Earth’s biodiversity. This situation is due to global warming, one of the reasons of which was the burning of the fuel.

An international group of scientists conducted a study which was aimed at finding the causes of loss of biodiversity on earth. The analysis of existing data and conducting new studies have found that a large number of species of plants and animals disappear from the surface of the Earth due to global warming. It is established that the dangerous warming for plants that do not have the ability to adapt quickly.

Experts claim that this situation has caused more and demographic changes on the planet, chemical pollution and loss of habitats for many plants and animals, as well as the burning of fossil fuels. The combination of these factors led to the imbalance of the ecological situation on Earth, the pace of which is increasing daily.

Scientists have proved that the increase in air temperature for another 4.5 degrees Celsius will lead to the disappearance of half of the existing plants and animals. That is why the program adopted in the world, to prevent global warming is very important but does not guarantee full recovery of biodiversity