Loss of memory, concentration and fatigue: the Scientists said, threaten night trips to the toilet

Eat and drink at night is very harmful for a number of reasons. The consequences can be obesity, bad mood, fatigue, heart disease and so on. Recently, the same researchers found that, in addition to all this, night trips to the toilet due to the consumption of food and water at night can lead to memory loss, concentration, fatigue, diabetes and constant depression.

Frequent nighttime urination, or nocturia, is most peculiar to the elderly. However, the habit of drinking at night much water can spoil the life of young people. Appears logical question, what to drink during the day to let the organism cope with its functions normally and properly.

It is known that for the day you need to drink at least two liters of pure water. However, to pour a liquid using force is not necessarily enough to drink a little more if you wish. Water is always the best helper, from hard training, ending with a hangover. It improves the mood, brain activity, normalizes body weight and prevents pain in the head.

Experts recalled that dehydration is extremely dangerous if the person loses more than 10% of the supply of water from the body.

Earlier it was reported, what harm can a lack of sleep. It turned out that it can even be fatal.