Lutsenko: In next year’s budget will freeze the salaries of civil servants

Луценко: В бюджете на следующий год заморозят зарплату госслужащим

The draft state budget of Ukraine for 2019 envisaged “freezing” of salaries for civil servants who work in ministries and departments. About it the representative of the President of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada Irina Lutsenko declared on air of one of TV channels.

“In 2019 will be “frozen” wages of civil servants is not doctors or physicians, it is only those who work in ministries and departments. Officials salaries will be frozen. Will be raised the minimum wage, respectively, will be raised the salary of our doctors and teachers. That is, all who work in the public sector, but not in the civil service wages will be raised,” – said Lutsenko.

Wages will remain at the same level as was.

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