Lutsenko said that in the case of Sheremet appeared like a thread that can lead to performers and customers

Луценко заявил, что в деле Шеремета появилась ниточка, которая может привести к исполнителям и заказчикам

Investigators have new information in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet, which may indicate the performers and customers. This was announced by Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko, transfers “Ukrainian truth”.

“Over the last month we have one thread which might lead us to the answer to this question. I hold it under my supervision. Are very active investigation. Point. Nothing more to say”, he said.

He also noted that this information will probably print the result on the performers, and then to customers.

“There are no suspects. But I can’t in the interests of the investigation to say more. We now have information that should lead us at least to the executors, and then to customers. But it is possible. Stress the word. I have a personal motive for effective control of this matter,” he said.

As a reminder, Pavel Sheremet, was killed July 20, 2016 in Kiev. The car in which he was riding was blown up.

As of July 2018 in the investigation of the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet has conducted more than 20 various examinations, some of them are still ongoing. The results of the work at the moment, the investigators developed four versions of the murder Sheremet: professional activities, personal hostility, destabilization of the situation in the country, as well as incorrect attack – the car, which exploded Sheremet, belonged to the editor of the edition “the Ukrainian truth” Alyona Pritula.

The national police said that the investigation established the person involved in the murder of journalist Pavel Sheremet in 2016, and continues to work on its identification.

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