Lutsenko said that there are at least three main suspects in the murder Gandzyuk

Луценко заявил, что известны минимум три основных подозреваемых в убийстве Гандзюк

The General Prosecutor of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko declared that the consequence has put forward versions of 12 of relatively customers of murder of the activist Catherine Gandzyuk, but the main ones are three. He reported about it on air “1+1”.

“I’m the head have at least three names of key suspects of ordering the murder of Gandzyuk with 12 versions that were put forward, including a collaborative investigation with Kate Gandzyuk. If I now tell you at least one name, I do not help the investigation,” – said Lutsenko.

According to the public Prosecutor, the suspect in the attack Sergei Torbin has so far refused to name the person who ordered the crime.

“But one of those materials that I own, the investigation a few days ago surely could make serious steps to arrest the customer.”

We will remind, on November 4 it became known that on 34-m to year of life has died the adviser of the mayor of Kherson and public activist Ekaterina Gandzyuk, which was doused with sulphuric acid in July of this year.

Previously it was reported that the cause of her death was breakage of the clot. However, recently was officially named another cause of death was multiple organ failure, chemical burns with the defeat of 30-39% of body, attack with the use of chemicals to kill or damage.

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