Lutsenko signed an order to reprimand the Holodnitsky

Луценко подписал приказ о выговоре Холодницкому

The Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko has signed the order about the reprimand of his Deputy – a specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor Nazar Golodnitsky. This was reported by a source in GPU, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

An Agency source said that the order has been signed.

“For actions which discredit the title of attorney and can call into question his objectivity, impartiality and independence, integrity of the prosecution, as well as for the systematic gross violation of the rules of prosecutorial ethics to apply to the Deputy Prosecutor General, head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office, state counselor of justice 3 class Holodnitsky Nazar Ivanovich disciplinary penalty of a reprimand (p. 5, 6 of part 1 of the law “On Prosecutor’s office”),” – stated directly in the text of the order.

Qualification and disciplinary Commission of prosecutors reprimanded Holodnitsky July 26.

Recall, the National anti-corruption Bureau requests the Qualification and disciplinary Commission of public prosecutors to initiate instead of reprimand dismissal of Nazar Holodnitsky for gross violation of prosecutorial ethics.

In March there appeared information that the SAP found the wiretap in the office of Holodnitsky. Later, the GPU confirmed this information, having specified that together with the NEB conducts an investigation against employees of SAP, including Golodnitsky.

Later, the MPC has opened disciplinary proceedings concerning the head of SAP. Holodnitsky reported that the PGO has opened a criminal investigation against him on suspicion in disclosure of the statements of the pretrial investigation. In his opinion, we are talking about the “fact Suprun”.

In addition, on 4 April, the court sent the indictment against judges who tried to bribe the Holodnitsky.

Later Lutsenko changed the jurisdiction of production, by Golodnitsky.

Thursday, August 16, NABU appealed to the Supreme court, insisting on the replacement of holodnitsky reprimand to dismissal.

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