Lutsenko: Ukraine can not close the channels, even the spread of fake news

Луценко: Украина не может закрывать каналы, даже несмотря на распространение фейковых новостей

Ukraine cannot afford to close the channels even under the condition of producing fake news. This position was expressed by the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko during a press briefing on Tuesday, the broadcast led the TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Even in war we can’t afford to close down certain channels because they obviously produce Russian TV shows fake news. This is the law and these are our values. Because if we go it’ll be like Russia, which covers any objectionable channel,” – said Lutsenko.

He stressed that “such openness and democracy is very favorable to the Kremlin’s attacks.”

In addition, the attorney General said that soon will meet with us technical expert on counter Russian influence in U.S. elections.

“As for the rest I think the Russian factor in the Ukrainian information field is so global, that the answer lies only in one plane. Ukrainians should make the decision based on objective data and not imposed by the phantoms, which are distributed through an information field”, – said the head of the GPU.

Recall that in early July the defence Committee recommended the Parliament to support the draft law on extrajudicial blocking of websites. For its part, the OSCE called for “serious review” of this document, in particular to find a balance between security and the right of citizens to free access to information.

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