Lviv rescuers evacuated 130 people from flooded minibuses and cars

Во Львове спасатели эвакуировали 130 человек из затопленных маршруток и машин

As a result of sudden rise of the water level on the street in Lviv was blocked by passengers of minibuses and cars. Rescuers of the state emergency service evacuated 53 people from the bottom of the six children. About it reports a press-Department service.

Earlier at the market “landside” rescuers hands made of the impounded vehicles of 77 people, including 9 children. Experts have towed 9 taxis and 12 cars.

As a result of intensive precipitation in Lviv have been flooded a number of streets, Railway, Gorodets, Deep, heroes of UPA, Bohun, Sakharov, Station, Dedushka, Downtown, Torfyanoe and Dudayev. In the field of flooding lifeguard, which pump water, the report said.

Recall, August 17, in Lviv at about 17.00 began a short but intense downpour. For half an hour the town was flooded.

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