Lviv rock band Soste of Cutta has released a music video for the song Without you

Львовская рок-группа Шосте Чуття выпустила клип на песню Без тебе

Rock band “Chaste of Cutta” presented a new clip for the song “Without you.” In the video there are Chernivtsi national University and fortress in Kamianets-Podilskyi, over which float the balloons.

In the description to the clip, the musicians say that it is dedicated to the regret of parting with a loved one. “Now you blissfully want Lunches together, coffee with one croissant for two, a relaxed smile and piercing glances time talking about anything and everything at the same time, walking under the scorching sun and pouring rain, and even fights that end after 15 minutes with a passionate kiss and falling asleep in the arms of a favorite movie. And you say: “I without you, it just can’t,” said group leader Michael Buckovski.

The clip was directed by Alexander Kulik, who has previously created music videos for groups “БеZ you like”, “fajno” and VITER.

Team “Chaste of Cutta” was created in 2010. In his discography listed two Studio albums “Meni treba” and “come on Come on”. Now, the team is working on a third album.

Recall that in this month, the rock band from Lutsk “Violet” has released a music video for the track “Best friend.”

As previously reported, a group of “Boombox” presented a music video for the song, recorded in collaboration with the groups of O. Torvald (“OCR in Rio”) and The Gitas (“Trimi me”).

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