Lysenko: the Prosecutor Krasnozhon is not part of a group that is investigating the attack on the mayor of Kherson

Лысенко: Прокурор Красножон не входит в состав группы, которая расследует нападение на советника мэра Херсона

The group, which is investigating the attack on the mayor of Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk, does not include the Prosecutor Eugene Krasnozhon, who was qualified as hooliganism murder in 2014 on the Maidan in Kiev, a journalist of the newspaper “Vesti” Vyacheslav Veremiya. This was reported by press Secretary of the Prosecutor General Andrei Lysenko on Facebook, commenting on today’s protests with the Prosecutor’s office in Kherson.

Lysenko also added that Nicolicea already drawn sketch of the assailant, carry out the necessary examination. We consider three versions of the attack.

“To investigative work with a view to early detection and arrest of the offender in addition to units of the national police attracted by operatives of the security service of Kherson region and AR Crimea. Also warned the guards about a possible attempt by the offender to leave the territory of Ukraine”, – said Lysenko.

Lysenko also explained the absence of the Prosecutor the fact that he works with operatives in the city.

“Representatives of Ncorpus frankly surprised by the fact that the office of the Prosecutor, who is engaged in the procedural guidance of the criminal proceedings. And the fact that the people for the second day running with operatives in the city – they are incomprehensible fact,” – said Lysenko.

As reported today in Kherson protesters staged a rally under the building of regional police Department and Prosecutor’s office for assaulting Catherine Gandzyuk.

We will remind, on Tuesday, July 31, to the counselor of the mayor of Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk was attacked near the porch of her house. The man doused her with acid, now the woman is hospitalized.

She received chemical burns over 30% of the body. Is the scalp, face, hands, feet, the front part of the chest, the burn in his left eye.

It is noted that Gandzyuk is in serious but stable condition.

The attack on the employee of the city Council of Kherson reclassified from “Hooliganism” to “Serious bodily injury committed with the aim of intimidation”.

The case was taken under the personal control of Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

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