M. Pokora is displayed in Saint-Tropez with two bombs of Marseillais W9

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M. Pokora mustache on August 10, 2017, in Saint-Tropez.

The singer has a good time !

Definitely, the candidates on the Marseille VS. the rest of The world love to show up with stars in Saint-Tropez !

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Then we discovered Julien Tanti, Manon Marsault and Nikola Lozina in the company of the footballer Neymar a few days ago at Bagatelle Beach, here two other participants in the program W9 come to have their picture taken with a pop star in a new evening on the Côte d’azur !

In fact, the very cute Maddy Burciaga (Who wants to marry my son ? 4) and Jessy Ferrero (the former of Rayane Bensetti) have crossed the road of M. Pokora, visibly recovered from her trip to Beyruth (Lebanon) in the framework of his My Way Tour, and have multiplied the pictures and the snaps in his company in order to give their new – and enrage ? – their admirers.

Needless to say that a lot of people have been quite jealous to see the starlets of reality tv with the star. “M. Pokora he appears with Christina Milian a day, and with Jessy and Maddy’s house the next day… :D”, “It is normal to see Maddy and Jessy in box with M. Pokora ? mdr”, “He fucks what M. Pokora with the cagoles Marseille ?”, could you read the reactions on Twitter.

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Side news, Mr. Pokora will be back on our small screens on Saturday 19 August, from 21h in The Voice Kids 4 on TF1. Don’t miss out !

When @JessyErrero & @MaddyOff are in the evening with M. Pokora pic.twitter.com/EWWuyxeOi6

— Marseille (@TvMarseillaisw9) 10 aot 2017