Machine of soap bubbles, soft toys, snakes and rats – group Die Antwoord have revealed the details of the rider

Машина для мыльных пузырей, мягкие игрушки, змеи и крысы - группа Die Antwoord раскрыла подробности райдера

On August 6 in Kiev, Stereo Plaza are South African rave group Die Antwoord. It became known that he had asked the organizers of the scandalous group today.

In particular, the dressing room of musicians adorn the plush carpet and large soft toys. Complement the surroundings of a car with soap bubbles, bouquets of yellow daisies and gerberas, and a variety of plants standing on the floor or hanging from the ceiling.

The lighting will be subdued with the addition of decorative effects – stars on the ceiling, the Crescent on the walls, etc. Also, put a candle and sandalwood incense.

In addition, in the dressing room will set the cell with the snakes, lizards, rats, grasshoppers and other reptiles.

It is noted that for the concert the musicians bring more than 30 costumes. During the performance, the band will perform the best songs and also songs from the upcoming album “27”, which will probably be the last in their discography.

As previously reported, the band Die Antwoord accused the Director of “suicide Squad” of plagiarism.

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