Macron proposed to restart the EU’s relations with Russia

Макрон предложил перезагрузить отношения Евросоюза с Россией

The President of France Emmanuel macron suggested the European Union to upgrade relations with the Russian Federation. He said this during a press conference with President of Finland Sauli Niinistö, reports Reuters.

In addition, macron called for building a “strategic relationship” with Turkey and other neighbors, including in matters of defense.

Emmanuel macron said that Europe has long relied on the United States, and while NATO retains an important role, the EU should strengthen its own defense capabilities.

“In our interests – strategic relations of the EU with Turkey, and with Russia that bring stability for a long time, as well as more power and consistency” – quote Macron.

However, he stressed that it’s not about to forget the last few years that it would be wrong, however, to cooperate more closely. According to Macron, relations with Russia require “updates”.

“On issues such as cybersecurity, defense sphere, strategic relationships, we could build a framework of new relations between EU and Russia, which would be consistent with the course of the EU. The stability of the entire region is in our interest”, – said the President of France.

We will remind, during the world Cup Emmanuel macron visited Russia, in particular, met with the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

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