Macron said that the EU should not accept new members

Макрон заявил, что Евросоюз не должен принимать новых членов

Macron said that the EU should not accept new members
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Over the past 15 years, the EU is severely weakened and is not ready to expand.

The President of France Emmanuel macron said that the European Union is not ready to expand, but at the same time, he must help the candidate countries to reform and come closer to the EU. About it reports “Interfax-Ukraine”.

– There are workable solutions (on the preparation of candidate countries for potential accession to the EU – Ed.) we need to continue to implement them, we need to help countries that pursue reform, and closer to Europe. This is my geostrategic choice. But I’m not to before will be achieved all the required confidence and carried out all these reforms, allowing to deepen and improve the functioning of the European Union, go to the extension, said the French President.

According to him, over the past 15 years the event occurred, and weaken the EU, so the extension is not beneficial to anyone.

– I think that we do not render service, nor a candidate country for membership, nor ourselves, having a mechanism, which, in some sense, no more rules and which will continue to expand. But I’m for that with the Western Balkans was carried out enhanced strategic dialogue and they would have a perspective and so we closely followed the reforms and supported them. But without the condescension and hypocrisy, – said macron.

At the moment, 5 countries officially have the status of candidate for accession to the European Union: Albania, Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey and Montenegro. the three countries signed the Association Agreement with the EU -Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

Even during the election campaign macron stated that the EU needs reforms and even threatened to pull France.