Maduro calling for the return of the gold of venezuela, deposited in the United Kingdom

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The venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has demanded that the gold reserves of venezuela in the United Kingdom, which he valued at ” more than 80 tons “, will be returned to his country, in an interview with the BBC broadcast Tuesday.

“There may be more than 80 tonnes of gold in venezuela, which belong to the central Bank of Venezuela,” said the leader, a socialist, under strong pressure from the opposition and a large part of the international community to leave power.

Facing serious liquidity problems, due to the collapse of the oil production and us sanctions, the government has been trying for several months to repatriate its gold reserves deposited in London.

“I hope that international legality be respected in regard to the central Bank of Venezuela. Let’s hope that justice prevails and that Venezuela is not stripped of something that belongs to him, ” said Mr. Maduro.

The president of Parliament and opponent Juan Guaido has asked the british government to intervene so that the Bank of England does not call these reserves to Nicolas Maduro, confirmed on 28 January in London the secretary of State for Europe and the Americas, Alan Duncan.

Juan Guaido is recognized as acting president of Venezuela by fifty countries, including the government of the First british minister Theresa May.

Nicolas Maduro believes that Venezuela has need of its resources abroad to mitigate the severe shortages of food and medicines, used according to him by Washington and the opposition to assert that there is a humanitarian crisis in the country and justify a military intervention.

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“They should send a convoy with the dollars they have stolen. Send a convoy with gold, with 80 tons. Let the convoy with the money. It’s our money. With that, we could solve the problems of our country, ” argued the head of State.

According to a report by the international bank, Natixis, the south american country currently has the Bank of England, 31 tonnes of gold for a value of $ 1.3 billion.

Nicolas Maduro is estimated that $ 10 billion amounts frozen by the United States on account of venezuela in the framework of the sanctions imposed by Washington.