Magog will have its two-ice arena at La Huche

Expected for many years by many users of the arena, the project of second ice rink in Magog should finally be able to see the day. The Town of Magog has announced its intention to create, with the collaboration of the Commission scolaire des Sommets (CSS), a non-profit organization (NPO) that will be responsible for the construction of a two-ice complex evaluated at $ 21 million.

The City of Magog and the Commission scolaire … (La Tribune, Jean-François Gagnon) – image 1.0
The Town of Magog and the Commission scolaire des Sommets (CSS) announced Tuesday the construction of a sports complex that will include two skating rinks on lands adjacent to the Ruche school. CSS President Jean-Philippe Bachand, CEO of the organization, Édith Pelletier, Head of the Sports, Physical and Outdoor Activities Division of the City, Judith Gagnon, and City Councilor Jean-Guy Gingras.

“I am doubly pleased with this project at École de la Ruche,” says Councilor Jean-Guy Gingras, who is responsible for the second ice file at Magog. I glimpse a light at the end of the tunnel. ”

Mr. Gingras has devoted many hours to the second inland ice rink project in Magog in recent years. Upon his return to municipal politics in 2013, he began to defend the idea that it was high time for the municipality to add a second inner ice into its territory.

After analyzing different options, the Town of Magog came to the conclusion that the best choice was the creation of an NPO. A public-private partnership (PPP) as well as a fully municipal project are two avenues that have also been scrutinized.

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The possibility of recourse to a PPP has been raised over and over again by the interveners involved in the case, including Magog Mayor Vicki-May Hamm. The idea of ​​a PPP seemed appealing, since it would also have allowed the project to materialize without a major injection of funds from the municipality at the time of construction.

“The fact that the school board provided the ground led us to reject the idea of ​​a PPP because the presence of a private company at La Ruche would have been problematic,” says Jean-Guy Gingras.

While making this point, Mr. Gingras was delighted with the model chosen for the project’s realization. “Many cities are setting up NPOs to build new arenas. In the population, it is a solution that passes better because the money that is generated does not go into the pockets of the private. ”