“Many schools in the USA do not teach chemistry, physics and mathematics”


This was stated by the Minister of trade United States Wilbur Ross, who made a warning that, for example, unmanned trucks will deprive 3 million drivers in the United States. To cope with this, you can use the retraining of the workforce, but for this we need to change the education system, writes Clean Technica.

Speaking at the Concordia conference in new York, the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross said he supported the development of an unmanned cargo transport, but is afraid for jobs, which can lose millions of American truckers. “In the US, about 3 million adults live at the expense of freight, he says. Mostly, they are self-employed, carry goods on their own trucks, and by the way, good live. But whether they have enough capital to develop in the era of Autonomous transport?”.

According to Ross, the Commerce Department is exploring options of how to cope with this problem, but, in fact, there is no choice. Retraining seems to be the only way out. Moreover, we are not talking about College and degrees. Those drivers should learn to serve robfantastic and put them the right tasks.

Ross said that they worked with the daughter of the President of the United States Ivanka trump in the framework of the “workforce of the future.” “We are working with industry, we work with teachers, working with ordinary people, to try to figure out how to change the American education system, says Ross. — It does not produce people with the right skills to meet new challenges. Many high schools don’t teach chemistry, physics and mathematics.”

Albert Wegner, managing partner of venture capital firm Union Square Ventures, believes that people will retain a competitive advantage over robots and algorithms, because they will pay less.

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